Schools for young astronomers

AHEAD X-ray and multiwavelength surveys school

Surveys have always been among the most widely used tools of astronomers to make sense of the observable Universe. Building on the heritage of such a long tradition, modern astronomy has seen an accelerating pace of survey experiments across the electromagnetic spectrum, devised to answer fundamental questions about cosmology, galaxy formation, the history of our own Milky Way, stellar astrophysics and much much more.

AHEAD School on High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy


High resolution spectroscopy is a fundamental tool in X-ray Astrophysics. It provides unique plasma diagnostics in a variety of Astrophysical contexts from clusters of galaxies to solar system bodies. Current grating based spectrometers (XMM-RGS, Chandra HETG) provide the highest spectral resolution achievable nowadays. The calorimeters (XARM, Athena) will increase the resolution to unprecedented levels opening a new era of X-ray astrophysics that will expand our knowledge of the high energy Universe.

AHEAD Geant4 Introduction School 2016

Geant4 Hands-On Introduction

In occasion of the AHEAD workshop on particle Background INAF, in collaboration with SWHARD, will organize a Geant4 hands-On introduction.

No registration fee is requested to attend this introductory course.

This introductory course will be held in Rome, at Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology,
in the Tor Vergata Research Area (CNR). Via del Fosso del Cavaliere 100, 00133 ROMA.