Financial support


The financial contribution for a given ATVP will reimburse the actual costs corresponding to travel and lodging expenses (as shown and described in the corresponding invoices and receipts) plus a per diem for daily meals, depending on the host institution country. The reimbursement will will follow the internal administrative rules of the AHEAD2020 sponsoring institution (UA), provided the expenses comply with general principles of economy and efficiency.

Important: no payment will be made to bank accounts without IBAN or SWIFT codes.

The applicant must submit an estimated budget for the planned trip. Indicative quantities per visit (including travel, lodging and living expenses) are:

1500 Eu for 5 working days (one week)

2000 Eu for 10 working days (two weeks)

2500 Eu for 15 working days (three weeks)

3000 Eu for 20 working days (four weeks/one month).


Expenses made in non-Euro currency will be reimbursed in Euro at the oficial rate of the date of expenditure, as established by the financial services in charge.


No pre-financing or advanced payment will be made.



As a general rule, the grantee will be reimbursed on the basis of the actual costs for travel and lodging expenses plus a fixed per diem.

Accomodation: actual expenses as described in the corresponding invoice. Private house or room renting are eligible but the reimbursement will require the corresponding lease contract, with the landlord signature, and the invoice. In case of shared rooms the grantee will ask for the reimbursement of the proportional part (half in the case of double rooms).

Meals: flat per diem rate depending on the host country (will be established by the UA financial services following the Anex III of Royal Decree RD 462/2002, for group 2 workers) except for visits to Spain, or applicants working and/or paying taxes in Spain (meal tickets required).

Travel: Only economy class tickets are eligible for reimbursement. Seat reservations and transport of luggage are eligible. Train, shuttle or any other public transport are eligible. Travel by private car must be reserved only for exceptional circumstances and will require the authorization of the coordinator. The use of Taxi must be limited so that it complies with the efficiency and economy principles.


Please, check the  general Travel Funding Rules of AHEAD



Everything not specified in the previos paragraphs, for example, VISA, registration, honorarium, life and medical insurance related expenses, car rental, telephone, wi-fi, minibar consumption, etc.