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AHEAD2020 First General Meeting

Dear Colleague,
the AHEAD2020 General Meeting will be held in Rome, on 15-16 May at the Centro Congressi Cavour, via Cavour 50. The meeting is open to the full AHEAD community, including members of the WP teams and users of the AHEAD2020 transnational access and visiting programmes. 

You are invited to register now at the meeting website: 

IAUS 363 Neutron Star Astrophysics At The Crossroads: Magnetars And The Multimessenger Revolution


Neutron stars are the strongest magnets known in the Universe. The symposium will provide an interdisciplinary forum, timely bringing together astrophysicists, computational and nuclear physicists, gravitational wave researchers and others to discuss these new findings and lay down the open questions to be solved in the first decade of multi-messenger astrophysics.

THESESUS Conference


The Transient High-Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor (THESEUS) is a space mission concept currently under Phase A study by the European Space Agency (ESA) as candidate M5 mission, in view of a launch opportunity in 2032 (now cancelled by ESA). Within this dedicated scientific conference, the THESEUS science case will be presented through dedicated review talks, discussing the status-of-the-art knowledge on GRB science, early Universe studies, gravitation wave physics, and transient Universe phenomena in general.

The Athena Multi-messenger and High Energy Astrophysics Synergy (AMHEAS) Workshop II


The workshop (Task 2.3.12), second in a series, focusses on identifying and developing potential scientific synergies between the Athena X-ray observatory mission (ESA)  and GW/v’s/HE/GRB facilities that will be operational contemporary to Athena.

The goal is to produce the White Paper that should address the scientific topics where the synergetic use of Athena and the key multimessenger facilities operating at the end of this decade will result in a scientific added value.