How to apply

A formal AEVP application must be submitted using the on-line submission tool.

The following information must be provided on-line:

  1. Applicant’s data : name, workplace, position, address, etc.
  2. Information about the proposal: Title, abstract, duration, host institution, budget, relevant topic (science or engineering).
  3. Proposal (uploaded in pdf format; max 4 A4 pages, including figures, 11pt)
  4. Short CV with list of relevant publications (max 1 A4 page, 11pt)
  5. Acceptation (invitation) letter from the host institution duly signed by the authorized representative  (i.e., the Department’s director or the scientist in charge). This is the invitation letter from the destination institution. It must contain the name of the applicant and the subject or title of the proposal but does not need to be detailed.
  6. In the case of PhD students: a support letter from their PhD advisors to carry out the stay.